About Us

There is a New Paradigm of life and living evolving at the Garden of Eden. The family is fully present, living, exploring and experiencing all possibilities. Everything is subject to dissection. Family structure, love,  raising children, communication, conflict resolution  and much more are all under the microscope of life.

We are a family of 4 adult women, 5 children and one man. The women are Shellie, Inok, Adrienne and myself, La Vonne.  The children are from our youngest to oldest, Leila, born April 2012, Inoquinn, born September 2011, Nik, turned 2 April 2012, Kaili, turned 5 December 2011 and Loey who will be 12 midsummer 2012.  The lone man is the living legend, Quinn Eaker.

I am an anthropologist observing from the perspective of a family member. My job is to be one with the family while observing and writing what I see and experience. I am a fly on the wall, watching and listening to document how a family looks and conducts life in the New Paradigm. We invite you into our home through my documented observations. Welcome.


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